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When You Need a Copp On Your Side

An assault charge can stick with you for life. Because of this, you need a professional assault and battery lawyer on your team near Amarillo County, TX. The Law Office of Laura E. Copp is here to help you preserve your rights and move forward.

The court system is complex, and Texas can have harsh punishments for criminal charges. So, contact her office for a friendly phone consultation and to understand your options. Don’t waste any more time searching for an “assault lawyer near me.” Instead, hire the professional Laura Copp Esq. as your battery defense lawyer. Her team is open and transparent about aggravated assault lawyer cost.

What Are Texas’ Assault & Battery Laws?

Assault and battery are often paired together, however, they are two separate ideas. Traditionally, assault is when a person intends or knowingly places another in reasonable fear of harm or offensive contact.

A battery charge happens when a person causes that harm or offensive contact to another person or a logical extension of that person. So, if you need a battery defense lawyer then consider calling attorney Copp for a phone consultation. It’s important to note that in the penal codes, assault and battery are combined into one charge that falls under assault. As an assault and battery lawyer, Laura Copp is here to help you move forward and navigate the court system efficiently. And as an aggravated assault and battery defense lawyer, she is transparent on costs near Amarillo County, TX.

What is Aggravated Assault in TX?

The Law Office of Laura E. Copp is also an aggravated assault near Amarillo County, TX. She is the assault and battery lawyer who offers a transparent and honest process that keeps you in the loop every step of the way. She wants you to understand the way the court system works, so she takes the time to make sure you have the information you need. Get a lawyer you can trust! Go with a professional that pays attention to the details to save you time, money and preserve your rights. Attorney Copp is the lawyer you want on your side during court. Because her team has innovative solutions and strategies that will help you succeed in court. Contact her office today to discuss your legal goals and to help you move forward with your future near Amarillo County, TX.

If you need an assault and battery lawyer that will give your case the attention it deserves, then give attorney Copp a call. Her team is proud to serve the local community and she works hard to protect the citizens of this area. The court system can take advantage of you without the right team to back you up. So, give her a call or make an appointment to get a professional consultation.

Ready to Help You Today

If a court in Texas charges you with any form of assault, then you need information. As an assault and battery lawyer, attorney Copp is proud to give personal consultations to anyone living near the Texas Panhandle. For example, her office provides service to the following counties:

  • Randal County, TX

  • Potter County, TX

  • Armstrong County, TX

  • Briscoe County, TX

  • Carson County, TX

  • Castro County, TX

If you need an assault and battery lawyer near any of these communities, then give her office a call today. Attorney Copp has the strategic knowledge of the court system that you need on your side. There are a variety of strategies that work for assault and battery cases in Texas. For example, she often looks for mutual conflict that would suggest that neither party is a victim in the act. When this is found, often a case will be thrown out of court. So, consider working with a professional that goes the extra mile to ensure your freedom near Amarillo County, TX. She is your assault lawyer near you!

For more information about our legal services, contact our Amarillo assault & battery attorney today.

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