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Drug crimes are a serious offense in Texas, that much is plain to see. If you face a drug charge in a court in Texas, then give the Law Office of Laura Copp a call today. Attorney Laura Copp is the drug criminal defense attorney that can give you a proper defense. Being a drug possession attorney, her office often sees marijuana charges. As many other states move toward legalization, Texas remains steadfast in its drug charges for marijuana. These charges can be quite severe for the case. So, consider hiring a "drug defense attorney near me." Attorney Copp also has experience as a drug trafficking attorney, so you can also contact her office for a professional phone consultation for that type of charge in Amarillo and within the Texas Panhandle.

What is Drug Possession in Texas?

If you need a drug possession lawyer, then Attorney Copp has the knowledge and expertise you need. You need to act quickly to have the time to retrieve the evidence and information for your case. As a drug criminal defense attorney, she pays attention to the details because even a small issue can get a case thrown out of court.

However, this is also an important decision that you should take the time to make. Laura Copp is happy to give you a consultation and advice for moving forward. Contact our office if a court in Texas charges you with any of the following:

  • Possession

  • Paraphernalia

  • Trafficking

  • Dealing

  • Manufacturing and Delivery

Any of these charges can lead to heavy fines and possible jail time. So, consider working with a dedicated drug possession attorney if you find yourself charged with a drug-related crime. Attorney Copp’s office has the training and experience you want. As your Amarillo drug criminal defense attorney, she believes in protecting your rights and helping to preserve your freedom.

What is Drug Trafficking?

When it comes to drug trafficking charges in Texas, the penalties can be particularly severe. If you find yourself in need of a drug trafficking attorney, then you need one that you can trust. Laura Copp has the experience you need from a drug criminal defense attorney. In these cases, she looks to see if the officers were lawful during the arrest. Often in these cases, violations occur because of officer misconduct during the arrest. If you need a drug trafficking attorney with experience in court, then work with the Law Office of Laura Copp near Amarillo, TX.

These cases are flexible depending on a wide variety of factors. For example, your criminal background and the specifics of the case will shape the prosecution’s strategy. Because of this, you need a drug criminal defense attorney that can adapt to your specific needs in the courtroom.

Ready to Help You Avoid Conviction

The Law Office of Laura Copp is proud to serve the local community. If you need a drug defense attorney near me, then look no further than the best drug criminal defense attorney. Her office serves a large area of communities including the following counties:

  • Randal County, TX

  • Potter County, TX

  • Armstrong County, TX

  • Briscoe County, TX

  • Carson County, TX

  • Castro County, TX

  • Gray County, TX

  • Moore County, TX

Don’t waste another minute searching for a “drug defense attorney near me.” Instead, give Laura Copp a call for a friendly phone consultation. She will guide you through the process and give you the information you need for the best possible result in court. Attorney Copp is happy to serve communities within the Texas Panhandle.

To learn more about our legal services, call us today at (806) 424-4330.

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