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Facing a DUI charge is frustrating, confusing and generally stressful. From hours in jail to steep fines and penalties, you need someone to help you get through this process. Because of this, the Law Office of Laura Copp is here to help. She is the Amarillo DUI defense attorney that you can trust. Her DUI law firm pays attention to the details, so you get the best possible defense in court. She is transparent and honest when it comes to DUI lawyer cost because she understands the financial strain of a DUI charge.

If you need a "DUI lawyer near me" then consider contacting her office for more information and a phone consultation today. She is here to serve communities near Amarillo and within the Texas Panhandle. If you are in court in Texas charged with a DUI, then you need a strong defense. The penalties for these cases can be severe, especially after multiple offenses. Consider contacting Attorney Copp's office if you are in need of additional help. She offers an informative, no-obligation consultation. As a DUI lawyer, she is here to consult with you and create innovative strategies for your specific case.

What Happens When a Copp Is on Your Side

Do you need a DUI law firm that can help you with your upcoming DUI case? If so, the Law Office of Laura Copp is here to help you today. Her team specializes in DUI defense strategies. For example, she starts by determining if the traffic stop is lawful. What this means is: did the cop have a viable reason to pull you over? If the officer does not properly track the stop, then the case will often be thrown out of court. The officer needs to properly explain themselves with objective details. Often this does not happen, so this can be a strong strategy for this style of case.

Attorney Copp can help you move forward from your mistakes and rebuild your future. So, consider giving her office a call to help preserve your rights and freedoms in Texas. As an Amarillo DUI defense attorney, she understands this area of law well and has years of experience. Laura Copp’s DUI law firm can help you move forward from your charges.

The Cost of a DUI

Attorney Copp understands the financial strain of the legal process. Because of this, she is entirely transparent when it comes to her DUI lawyer cost. Court fines and fees are high, so her firm understands that you need a DUI lawyer that is honest and doesn’t hide fees in your bills. Her DUI law firm’s job is to help you have a better future, not financially bankrupt you. So, consider giving Laura Copp a call today for more information. She is here to help you keep your DUI lawyer cost affordable in Texas.

Let a Copp Fight for You Immediately

The Law Office of Laura Copp can be your “DUI lawyer near me.” Because she offers a comprehensive service and gives her clients a unique approach that wins cases. If you live near any of the following communities, then consider giving her office a call for more information and a phone consultation.

  • Randal County, TX

  • Potter County, TX

  • Armstrong County, TX

  • Briscoe County, TX

  • Carson County, TX

  • Castro County, TX

  • Swisher County, TX

When you need a DUI lawyer, look no further than Laura Copp. She has the experience and knowledge you want in your case. From a first-time offender to someone who has been through this process before, she can help you today.

Do not hesitate to call us today at (806) 424-4330 to discuss your case and understand your legal options.

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