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Divorce and separation are complicated enough on their own but can be even more so when a child is added into the mix. You and your former partner will have to determine who has custody and what the visitation schedule will look like. This can lead to you searching for a child custody law firm or child visitation lawyers near me.

When you need child custody and visitation lawyers in Wheeler County, TX, consider working with the Law Office of Laura E. Copp. Attorney Copp is a child custody attorney who is dedicated to providing you with the type of personal attention your case deserves.

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Child Custody Attorney

There are two primary types of child custody. One is legal custody, which refers to the ability to make major decisions on behalf of the child. The other is physical custody, which determines who the child will actually stay with. These can be split further into joint and sole custody. Joint custody is where both parents have custody of the child to some extent, and sole custody is where only one parent has total custody of the child. In Texas, joint custody tends to be awarded more often than sole custody, but make sure to speak to your child custody attorney for more information.

Child custody and visitation lawyers help to determine how custody is handled. While a number of factors go into the decision, ultimately the goal is to work in the best interests of the child. Working with a good child custody law firm can help make sure that everything goes smoothly.

If you’re searching for child custody and visitation lawyers in the Wheeler County, TX area, then call Attorney Copp. As a child custody attorney, she understands that every case and client is different. Because of this, she’ll take the time to listen carefully to the particulars of your case. This way, she can help to determine what the best course of action is for the child. Additionally, she can make sure you get the sort of personalized attention and support you deserve. So, call today and get a consultation.

Can a Child be Forced to Visit a Parent in Texas?

A child under the age of 18 can be forced to visit the other parent because they are not yet old enough to legally make the decision themselves whether or not to see their parent. This idea that a child can choose is misinformation. Modifying custody orders is not unusual as children get older. A custody order that worked for your three-year-old probably will not work for your fifteen-year-old. If a parent wants to change up the visitation from the custody order and the other parent is not in agreement, the only way to do so will be to file for a modification and present the case to the judge. The judge can consider the child’s preference just like any other piece of evidence and can ultimately do something that is completely different from what the child wants.

Child Visitation Lawyers Near Me

Once custody is determined, it’s important to determine the visitation schedule. Many people will search for “child visitation lawyers near me” in order to help. Child custody and visitation lawyers can help ensure that the visitation schedule that’s created is fair to both parties and beneficial for the child.

Attorney Copp is one of the top child custody and visitation lawyers in the Texas Panhandle. She’s available to represent anyone in the following counties:

  • Wheeler County, TX
  • Randall County, TX
  • Armstrong County, TX
  • Potter County, TX
  • Dallam County, TX
  • Deaf Smith County, TX
  • Carson County, TX
  • Moore County, TX
  • Roberts County, TX
  • Swisher County, TX

If you’re looking for child visitation lawyers near me in any of the above areas, then please consider working with Attorney Copp. By working with experienced child custody and visitation lawyers, you can resolve child custody and visitation rights more smoothly. Contact the Law Office of Laura E. Copp today for an informative consultation.

Child Custody Law Firm

Thankfully, many child custody cases can be resolved without having to go to court, so long as both parties agree to the custody and visitation plan. If one party refuses to agree, however, you may need child custody and visitation lawyers to represent you in court. When that happens, you need to find a child custody law firm you can trust.

That’s why you should work with Attorney Copp. She will use her knowledge and skill to represent your case to the best of her ability. When you work with her, you know you’re getting an experienced lawyer who truly cares about your case. Call and get your consultation today.

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